The first affordable crowd GPS tracker for lost or stolen items

In the US, a vehicle gets stolen every 50 seconds and a burglary happens every 3 minutes. Burglaries and vehicle thefts have doubled over the last 2 decades, and the number is still growing.

Without a proper anti-theft solution, anything can get stolen. And when it happens, only 26% of the victims get their stolen property back.

David Hughes, became a victim of a burglary 5 years ago. He never saw his car and valuables again. That’s when he decided to use his engineering skills to create a solution to this problem.

After over 4 years of development, he invented XYFindit.

Meet The XYFindit

The XYFindit is the world’s most affordable tracking device for recovering lost or stolen items. The XYFindit is made so that you can easily track your most valuable items with your smartphone. This makes finding lost or stolen items easier, more efficient, and cheaper than ever before!

Powerful speaker
Keychain hole
Multifunction button
Waterproof case

Retrieve your lost or stolen items

We have worked on new tracking technology for 4 years to create the XYFindit. Our team developed a unique and easy to use tracker that gives the user the power to locate their belongings at all times.

The XYFindit works were normal GPS trackers fail to work. It uses crowd GPS tracking that’s capable of locating even the hardest to find items. This means that every XYFindit user on the planet is helping to get your lost item back, and we have more than 1 million users all over the world!

Real-time tracking with your smartphone

The XYFindit connects to your smartphone, and every XYFindit we make is unique. Once you’ve paired your XYFindit with your mobile, you can monitor its location at all times, from everywhere in the world.

Just install the application and name your tracker to get started. Then, when your item gets lost or stolen, you just open the application and locate it on the map. Even when it’s out of your reach, other XYFindit users that are in reach automatically send its position to you.

Don’t worry about battery life

The XYFindit is equipped with a replaceable battery that lasts you up to 5 years! That’s better than all our main competitors combined. It also means that you don’t have to worry about it once you’ve attached it to an object. When the time comes to replace the battery, you get a notification on your smartphone. Isn’t that cool?

Ring misplaced items

Misplaced your keys? Thanks to the XYFindit’s built-in speaker you can locate your things faster than ever. Use the application to ring your XYFindit. A loud buzzer will sound to quickly identify where your lost or misplaced items are. There’s no chance you wouldn’t hear it, because we made it as loud as a car horn.

Find what matters most

You can connect multiple XYFindit’s to your smartphone. This way you can keep an eye on your most valued belongings. Attach them to your keys, backpack, purse, luggage, bike, car, or even your pet, and feel secure knowing where they are at all times.

An Affordable tracking solution

The price is what makes the XYFindit really stand out. We are the first brand that offers a high-end tracking solution at an affordable price. The reason why we can keep our prices so low? We don’t spend money on advertising. We prefer to let our customers do the talking for us.

XYFindit Features

XYFindit is the first crowd-based tracking device of the new era, and it’s here to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Connect to smartphone

Install the XYFindit application and connect it to your smartphone to find the location of the object on the map.

Extended battery life

The XYFindit works on a replaceable battery that lasts up to 5 years!

Loud built-in speaker

You can ring the XYFindit to quickly find misplaced items such as keys, electronics, or a purse.

Durable, water resistant design

The XYFindit is made to last in all weather conditions. It can handle cold, heat, rain, mud, and absorbs shocks just fine.

Find your phone function

If you lose your phone, you can push the button on the XYFindit to ring your phone and find its location.

KeepNear function

This feature helps you hold on to what matters. Any time your XYFindit gets out of reach of your phone, you will get a notification on your phone.

Get the XYFindit for $39,99

We are giving BUY 3 GET 2 FREE to the first 500 customers

Customer Reviews

Last year, XYFindit helped more than 62,000 users to get their belongings back after they got lost or stolen!

But don’t take our word for it. See what our customers say about the XYFindit. People all over the world are using it right now and have shared their experience with us.


I got it last week, this thing is just amazing, especially for its price! The app works great to find the location. Recommended!!!


Fast shipping, feels solid, and it has some great features. I have it on my keys because I always forget where I’ve put them.


One of the most practical and useful products I’ve had in a while. It helped me on several occasions to locate my bike at the train station. Great value for money.


Very easy to set up. I like the color and size on my key ring. It already found my phone twice when I forgot where I left it!! Highly recommend buying 2 or 3 to attach to all your items.


I’m using the XYFindit for 3 weeks now and it has exceeded my expectations. Setup was a breeze and the app works super smooth too. The map on the application is very detailed which makes it very easy to locate your things.


They work fine, and I’m using them a lot! I must say that I was impressed with their build quality and features. I’ve got one attached to my dog’s collar and he went swimming with it last week. The thing still works so it’s definitely waterproof!


Great deal except for the shipping. It took more than 2 weeks before it arrived.


I was a bit worried that it was going to be too complicated to use, but it’s just fine!


This is better much better than Tile! Get this instead of buying another tracker, it’s got a longer range and the battery is replaceable!


Ordered 5! I don’t think you can find a better tracker for the money.


This device is a game changer! Real-time tracking via smartphone connection, a find phone feature and an internal speaker. These are all very impressive features!


I love my XYFindit! Finally, a tracker that looks cool and is easy to use. I travel a lot and I bring this everywhere to keep an eye on my bags and camera. I was amazed by its strong build quality. I’ve dropped it several times, but it still holds up nicely. Very good to have if you’re spending a lot of time on the road!


Great little device! Does everything it needs to do perfectly. Both the Keep Near function and find phone function work fine. Recommended, especially for the price.


Great service and fast delivery! I’m 100% satisfied with my XYFindit.


Came in the wrong color. I didn’t get the color that I ordered but customer service was nice enough to send me the right one. Works fine!


Easy to use, works fine both inside and outside. Haven’t tested it on my dog though.


Best tracker for this price! The battery life is pretty insane. I compared it with competitors like Tile and TrackR but the XYFindit came out as the absolute winner.